Anadrol - Oxymetholone

PCT after Anadrol – Oxymetholone

Relatively planned post-course treatment (PCT) is simply required by reducing anadrol. First of all, it should be noted that a large part of the meat collected from Anadrol gets stuck in the body and after the end of the cycle, even a large amount of meat is consumed with water at once. While this isn’t a health concern, it’s important for results, so all athletes want to save the extra weight they gain.

This problem is more related to health and safety because of natural testosterone. When planning PCT for Anadrol, it must be carefully defined before normal testosterone conversion is restored.

In order to restore the body to its former ability to function, it is necessary to perform a PCT after administration. At the heart of the process is the use of drugs (eg, clomiphene) that stimulate the natural secretion of sex hormones and restore metabolism. It is best to start treatment a week after taking Oxymetalone and continue for 14 days. Many PCT medications are available in pharmacies. In general, two tablets for the first week (morning and evening) and one for the second (morning only) are considered standard doses.

The course of taking Аnadrol

The course of taking Аnadrol

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) will be the perfect supplement for men who have reached adulthood, are active in sports and dream of building muscle mass quickly. The course of use is 6 weeks, but no more, as the effect disappears. If you have just started sports, just take steroids for a month. It should be noted that long-term use of such drugs can have an adverse effect on the liver.
The daily dose of Anapolon Randall does not exceed 100 mg, but increasing the dose may not have the desired effect, so you should not try to take more. For amateurs and beginners, 50 mg per day is enough. The course should be stable, increasing the daily dose will not increase the results in any way.

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At the end of steroid treatment, it is strongly recommended that you become familiar with PCT. For example, to restore testosterone secretion, you can use a booster or similar drug that helps with testosterone production. In addition, to increase the effectiveness of Anapolone, you can use other sports nutrients after the diet. This steroid shows positive dynamics in combination with trenbolone and boldenone in combination with primobolan and testosterone. 17 alpha-alkylated steroids are not suitable for Anapolone and the combination may cause severe liver stress.

Main tasks of PCT solved

Main tasks of PCT solved

To be successful we must:

  • Return to normal testosterone production as soon as possible and reduce the amount of female hormones (estrogens), which will be higher than usual after the cycle due to the increased aromatization of testosterone, ie its natural conversion into estradiol.
  • Restore libido and spermatogenesis.
  • Reduce cortisol levels by reducing exercise, workload, and exercise. The body falls ill in the period after the course and cannot recover with the same concentration as when taking medication. Without reducing the load, it simply “burns” their muscles.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy

The duration of treatment after a cycle depends not only on the duration of steroid treatment but also on the dose used. From the latter, as a rule, depends on the presence and intensity of the manifestation of side effects. The main thing is to preserve muscle mass, because after taking oxymetholone, the regression is significant – about 30% of the mass. Post cycle therapy should include:

Getting your liver back to normal is one of the main tasks after taking Anadrol. It is important to normalize the bilirubin (cortisol) in the blood.
Restoring testicular function: The first step is to wait for the synthetic testosterone to be removed from the body and then increase the amount of natural testosterone (letrozole).
Normalize Cholesterol Levels: Plan a diet with an emphasis on oily fish. It is advisable to supplement your diet with a complex of vitamins, including the contribution of omega-3 acids.
Reduce exercise intensity: This reduces the amount of cortisol in your body.
Treatment after a cycle involves taking multiple medications. There is no harm in using an active new generation of androgens: for example, Clomid or Toremifene. It is not realistic to use tamoxifen in this case as it interferes with prolactin and can lead the athlete to further hormonal imbalances.

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PCT may actually contain clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen. Duration of treatment at batch and dose as needed (average 3 weeks within 10-40 mg tamoxifen or 50-150 clomifene citrate daily).